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Re: glibc basic informations

On Fri, 16 Dec 2005, Gildas Bayard wrote:

> Here it is: what is the current pthread library used in glibc? It
> seems like it's NPTL since there's a nptl directory in the sources.
> But the documentation keeps on telling me I must install the
> linuxthreads add-on to get thread support. Is the documentation
> simply out of date?

... big snip here ...

for better or worse, i've attached a script i use to create a
cross-compiler toolchain (it's a thoroughly stripped version of
something called "crosstool").  this script specifically builds using
NPTL so you can see, at each step, the options i've had to use to get

i'm not going to pretend i understand every option used -- some of it
i copied blindly from crosstool, so i'm open to suggestions for
improvements.  one thing i'll be adding is the ability to select
linuxthreads instead of NPTL.

in any event, you should be able to see the options that relate to
threads at each step of the build.


Description: Bourne shell script

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