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Re: [PATCH] power-cpu add-on for --with-cpu

I gave you that boilerplate configure and Makefile to show you how to put
your code in its own add-on.  The benefit of making an add-on is that you
can distribute it yourself.  I don't care how you do it.  The patch you
posted is only possibly useful if someone wants to apply it to an empty
directory to make your add-on directory.  You haven't advised them to do
that and so everyone else is understandably confused about what you want,
but it's a perfectly fine way to achieve a subdirectory of new files.  When
I suggested you make your add-on available, I presumed you'd put a tarball
somewhere and post the URL.  But do whatever you like.  If you want others
to review and try out your add-on, make it available to them and ask them
to review it and try it out.  You don't need your code hosted anywhere in
particular to get on with getting some review and testing from other
powerpc users interested in micro-optimization.  When there is code that is
reviewed and tested, and there is a community of people wanting to make use
of that code and collaborate on maintaining it, then it matters where it
lives.  If you like "in patch form in my last posting to libc-ports" being
the place it lives, then keep doing that.


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