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[Bug libc/6959] glibc 2.7 overwrites /etc/localtime symlink

[Bug localedata/10011] wrong first_weekday/first_workday for de_AT locale

[Bug localedata/10035] new locale en_RU

[Bug localedata/10213] Please add a locale for Divehi (dv_MV)

[Bug localedata/10312] Incorrect Time notation in Colombian locale es_CO

[Bug localedata/10319] Patch to fix accents in shs_CA locale definiton file

[Bug localedata/10346] locales/ru_UA: Fix first day of the week

[Bug localedata/10369] tst_mblen unexpectedly fails

[Bug localedata/10384] I created the locale for my project sml_PH

[Bug localedata/10414] ml_IN Collation data is wrong for letter 'na'

[Bug localedata/10425] [PATCH] LC_TIME for it_IT it_CH wrong

[Bug localedata/10496] time representation in Arabian locales faulty?

[Bug localedata/10497] Add YESSTR and NOSTR for en_US and POSIX locales

[Bug localedata/10501] bn_IN collation does not have canonical equivalence definitions

[Bug localedata/10502] sorting between Indic Languages should be as per unicode code point

[Bug localedata/10503] setlocale returns a valid locale and sets errno to ENOENT

[Bug localedata/10525] [PATCH] Fix LC_TIME in fr_FR

[Bug localedata/10529] Patch with updates for locales/crh_UA: first day of week, spelling tweaks, etc.

[Bug localedata/10550] Ability to make use of 3rd-party gconv modules

[Bug localedata/10554] [PATCH] Wrong first_weekday/workday for et_EE locale

[Bug localedata/10797] it_IT locale numeric does not have a separator for thousends

[Bug localedata/10824] Locale file for Chuvash - cv_RU

[Bug localedata/10871] ru_RU: 'mon' array should contain both nominative and genitive cases

[Bug localedata/10872] Ru_RU month names are in incorrect form

[Bug localedata/10873] ru_RU: abbreviated weekdays are incorrect

[Bug localedata/10888] Error testing glibc 2.10.1

[Bug localedata/10935] Finnish yes/no option: add “o” for yes

[Bug localedata/10936] Paper Size is wrong for locale es_GT (A4 -> Letter)

[Bug localedata/10999] Wrong first_weekday and first_workday for de_CH

[Bug localedata/11660] New locale for Sindhi (Pakistan)

[Bug localedata/12349] Incorrect thousands separator and first weekday for eu_ES locale

[Bug localedata/13605] Please add the new Shan (shn) locale

[Bug localedata/14094] Update locale data to Unicode 7.0.0

[Bug localedata/16973] Fix lang_lib/lang_term as per ISO 639-2

[Bug localedata/16975] Revisit yesstr/nostr LC_MESSAGES capitalization in all locales

[Bug localedata/17137] Directory traversal in locale environment handling (CVE-2014-0475)

[Bug localedata/17137] New: Directory traversal in locale environment handling (CVE-2014-0475)

[Bug localedata/17142] New: LANGUAGE environment variable processing and directory traversal

[Bug localedata/17187] New: Out-of-bounds NUL write in iconv_open

[Bug localedata/17187] Out-of-bounds NUL write in iconv_open

[Bug localedata/17187] Out-of-bounds NUL write in iconv_open (CVE-2014-5119)

[Bug localedata/17192] Local file for Chechen language

[Bug localedata/17192] New: Local file for Chehcehn language

[Bug localedata/17225] New: Localized ar-SY month names for May and June are incorrect

[Bug localedata/17293] New: UKR-IE should follow CYR-IE in uk_UA locale

[Bug localedata/17293] UKR-IE should follow CYR-IE in uk_UA locale

[Bug localedata/17297] New: Wrong date_fmt n Danish locale

[Bug localedata/5599] Bulgarian locale (bg_BG) empty thousands_sep

[Bug localedata/5602] Wrong mon_decimal_point for pt_PT

[Bug localedata/5627] RFE shs_CA Locale Data

[Bug localedata/5777] AM/PM format for es_CR

[Bug localedata/5814] bad time format for Finnish fi_FI locale

[Bug localedata/5910] AM/PM format for es_ES and es_MX

[Bug localedata/5911] es_CR first weekday/workday fix

[Bug localedata/5912] lv_LV has incorrect spaces in abbreviated weekday names

[Bug localedata/5981] [mr_IN] collation order is not defined

[Bug localedata/6856] ks_IN locale is not available in glibc localedata

[Bug localedata/6857] sd_IN locale is not available in glibc localedata

[Bug localedata/6917] locale/ move preprocessing to Makefile

[Bug localedata/6918] Wrong d_fmt for fr_CH and it_CH

[Bug localedata/6920] Huge amount of malformed LC_ADDRESS/postal_fmt values

[Bug localedata/6968] Sinhala (si) collation order undefined

[Bug localedata/7014] Additional belarusian locale (be_BY at tarask) is required

[Bug localedata/7068] en_GB locale has wrong week specifier

[Bug localedata/9701] Slovakia joined the Euro zone

[Bug localedata/9704] Malta switched to Euro (One year ago)

[Bug localedata/9705] Cyprus switched to Euro (one year ago)

[Bug localedata/9724] Sweden changed sort order of sv_SE

[Bug localedata/9725] Swedish date format incorrect in sv_SE

[Bug localedata/9730] sv_FI time format does not match fi_FI

[Bug localedata/9731] Cyprus joined eurozone on Jan. 1, 2008

[Bug localedata/9732] dz_BT Dzongkha collation order

[Bug localedata/9736] wrong frac_digits in el_CY and el_GR

[Bug localedata/9791] while building localedata some locale gave "incomplete set of locale files"

[Bug localedata/9809] Please add Kurdish locale for Kurdish Sorani (CKB)

[Bug localedata/9833] wrong "noexpr" in ko_KR LC_MESSAGES data

[Bug localedata/9835] Wrong first_weekday and first_workday for en_GB

[Bug localedata/9842] Incorrect date format in en_CA.utf8 locale

[Bug localedata/9844] Wrong collation of ;: should sort after 'q', not 'k'

[Bug localedata/9859] New fr_FR locale month abbrevs abmon are not fixed length

[Bug localedata/9865] bulgarian dictionary sort

[Bug localedata/9867] no 12 hour clock or am/pm

[Bug localedata/9891] mt_MT: Fix spelling of "Awwissu" (August)

[Bug localedata/9912] russian-ukrainian weekday wrong

[Bug localedata/9916] New locale: nan_TW at latin

[Bug localedata/9917] Problem in the locale SA (Saudi Arabia)

[Bug localedata/9963] Additional LC_PAPER of Letter paper size territories

[Bug localedata/9985] Shan has incorrect UTF-8 values

[Bug localedata/9986] Myanmar (Burmese) locale

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