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[Bug localedata/13951] Correct L10n of country-name dz_BT

--- Comment #4 from Chris Leonard <cjlhomeaddress at gmail dot com> 2012-12-23 13:27:03 UTC ---
After a thoughtful and welcome discussion on libc-alpha, 

thread start:

a contact from the Dzongkha Development Commission was able to resolve some
uncertainties about the proper representation of the countryname "Bhutan" in

Per that e-mail, 

"The short (abbreviated) name of Bhutan is simply ààààà (U+0F60 U+0F56 U+0FB2
U+0F74 U+0F42) "

"as to the question of whether to put U+0F0B or U+0F0D on the end:

 - if you are concatenating the string with other Dzongkha (or Tibetan
words) you would probably need U+0F0B.
- if the string occurs at the end of a phrase or sentence you use U+0F0D
- if the string occurs alone you can either leave it as it is - or add U+0F0D"

Given it's appearance in the LC_ADDRESS field, the most common usage is
presumed to be in postal addressing, not in concatenation with other words.  

Therefore, the patch as originally submitted is in correct form (it includes
the U+0F0D character at the end).

Unless further discussion is indicated on whether or not an LC_ADDRESS
countryname can be presumed to be a stand-alone or terminal element, I would
respectfully request commit of the patch as submitted.

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