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[Bug localedata/14943] Artificial languages

Rich Felker <bugdal at aerifal dot cx> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Rich Felker <bugdal at aerifal dot cx> 2012-12-11 23:18:35 UTC ---
Is there a reason locales HAVE TO have a country code? I think, for languages
that are not connected to a country, or where for political reasons the
language's country is not recognized internationally, it would be very helpful
to have traditional locale names of the format "ll" or "lll" instead of
requiring the "ll_CC" form. The country-specific parts of the locale like
currency, which would not make sense in such a context, could simply be aligned
with the C locale.

If said languages are also heavily used in one or more particular country
contexts, it would be nice to also add "ll_CC" format locales for them with the
appropriate country-specific parts. But I think it's really annoying to force
users who want to use the language to choose from a limited set of countries
that do not correspond to the country they're in.

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