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[Bug localedata/14879] Addition of Interlingua locale

Nik Kalach <nik.kalach at inbox dot ru> changed:

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                 CC|                            |nik.kalach at inbox dot ru

--- Comment #2 from Nik Kalach <nik.kalach at inbox dot ru> 2012-11-26 22:47:00 UTC ---
Please, consider this BZ report as a request to overturn the decision not to
support Interlingua just because this is an artificial language. Interlingua
satisfies the criteria you have mentioned: it has the ISO code. Moreover, it
has CLDR data, dictionaries for multiple languages, published grammar,
literature, periodics, and active users. It was not invented by some random
people, it was derived from 7 major natural languages by the group of
professional linguists after 20 years of work. The language is based on the
international vocabulary and the minimal grammar common to the most of the
source languages. As a result, texts in Interlingua are easy to read and
Interlingua can be used as a gateway language to study other languages and as a
pivot language in the educational project like Sugar.

As you can see from the initial submission, Interlingua is listed as one of the
languages of France by the well respected source of the ethnological

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