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[Bug localedata/14172] Please add the az_IR locale

--- Comment #8 from Mousa Moradi <mousamk at gmail dot com> 2012-11-19 10:09:03 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> We have aze which is aliased to az for Azerbaijani and azb for Southern
> Azerbaijani.
> So, using az is correct since it's the two letter form.
> There's no two letter form for Southern Azerbaijani and thus we should use azb.

Please note that according to ISO-639-3, 'az' (or 'aze') is a macrolanguage and
has 'azj' (North Azerbaijani) and 'azb' (South Azerbaijani) as sublanguages.
The language in az_AZ is North Azerbaijani and not only a simple "Azerbaijani"

    /  \
  azj  azb

Your dividing of this to "Azerbaijani" and "South Azerbaijani" is not correct,
since starting from ISO-639-3, one is macrolanguage and the other is a concrete
language. 'azj' is some kind of 'az' but 'az' is not necessarily 'azj'.

And looking to the fact that North Azerbaijani is not spoken in Iran, az_IR
implies 'azb'.

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