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Re: A libio compatibility patch

"H . J . Lu" <> writes:

> If you run "make check" in gcc from CVS on sourceware configured for
> libstdc++, not libstdc++-v3, under glibc 2.2, you will get many C++
> failures. That is because the libio header files in libstdc++ are still
> the old ones. But the libio compatibility code in glibc 2.2 has some
> bugs. This patch seems to work for me. But I am not sure if it is
> 100% correct.

The question here is how can the mode not be set correctly when
reaching these places.  This is what has to be fixed.  Which of the
tests is failing?  I cannot run the entire test suite myself since I
don't have here any machine which is switched over to glibc 2.2.

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