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Re: naming bounded pointer libraries

On Fri, Aug 04, 2000 at 11:42:18AM -0700, Greg McGary wrote:
> [ For background, I recommend the bounded pointers project page
>   at ]
> 3)  Drop the suffix and instead install special libraries in a subdir,
>     e.g. /usr/lib/libc.a (regular), /usr/lib/bp/libc.a (bounded),
>     /usr/lib/prof/libc.a (profiled), and so on for any lib.  Now,
>     something still must be responsible for directing ld to prefer the
>     appropriate subdir. ...
> 3a) Gcc could do it in the specs by passing `-L' options which give
>     precedence to the specialized subdirs, also in this case gcc would
>     need to assume knowledge of where all the default library dirs
>     reside and could no longer assume ld knew where to find
>     everything.  Any makefile that invokes ld directly would need to
>     do that job for itself. ...
> 3b) we could go back to (2) above and introduce an option to ld that
>     provides a specialized-library-subdir name which ld could append
>     to all dirnames in its library path.  Gcc specs could easily propagate
>     `-p*' and `-fbounded-pointers' to ld as the appropriate subdir option.
>     This is substantially the same as (2)--only the string
>     substitution rule on library dir names differs.

I added "--multilib-dir PATH" to my binutils years ago for a project I
was working on. Although it was not used later, I felt it might be
useful some day so that I kept it in my binutils. I think you can try
this feature in the Linux binutils. You can do

# gcc -Wl,--multilib-dir,bp -Wl,--verbose .....

to see what the linker does. If it turned out to be useful, I will
submit it to the official binutils.


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