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Re: second test release

"H . J . Lu" <> writes:

> Ulrich, the problem is in __gconv_read_conf () from iconv/gconv_conf.c.
> Why does it read from /usr/lib/gconv/gconv-modules after
> /work/build/gnu/bin/glibc/iconvdata/gconv-modules?

The mechanisms allow for many directories with conversion modules.
This allows users to create private modules.  If the module which is
needed is not found in the first directory the libc looks in the next.
/usr/lib/gconv is always included.

If it looks in /usr7lib/gconv is means that the search in build
diretory failed.  This in turn means that either the content of the
gconv-modules files in the build directory is coruupt (probably not)
or that the string comparisons somehow failed.  I had this at some
time during the testing of this specific test but I fixed it by making
the used charmap look exactly like UTF-8 for the characters listed

I have no idea what problem you can possibly experience.

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