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Re: [PATCH] Another huge_val.h fix

>>>>> Jakub Jelinek writes:

>> > Fortunately g++ 2.96 does (ObjC did already in 2.95), so IMHO we have three
>> > choices:
>> > - simply prereq 2.96 like done with this patch
>> > - use # if __GNUC_PREREQ(2,96) || (__GNUC_PREREQ(2,95) && !defined(__cplusplus))
>> > - kill the hex floating consts bits from huge_val.h
>> HUGE_VAL is required by some standards.  IMO we can't just disable it for
>> gcc <= 2.95, especially since 2.96 is not released yet.
>> The only practical solution I see is to leave it the way it is and
>> condem -pedantic.

Jakub> #if __GNUC_PREREQ(2,96)

Jakub> does not disable it for gcc <= 2.95, see huge_val.h, it is just a nicer way
Jakub> of specifying that constant.

Thanks Jakub, your patch looks fine.  I didn't look at the patch and
only read your explanation and misunderstood it :-(.

Uli, Jakub's patch looks ok.  I'd like to add it, is this ok?

 Andreas Jaeger
  SuSE Labs

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