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Re: Fix -Os getc_unlocked linknamespace, localplt issues (bug 15105, bug 19463)

On Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 10:10 AM, Joseph Myers <> wrote:
> Continuing the fixes for linknamespace and localplt test failures with
> -Os that arise from functions not being inlined in that case, this
> patch fixes such failures for getc_unlocked.  This is relative to a
> tree with <>
> (pending review) applied, but has only trivial textual dependence on
> that patch.
> __getc_unlocked already exists; this patch makes it explicitly hidden,
> calls it where needed for namespace reasons, adds an inline function
> for it when inline functions are used and adds libc_hidden_proto /
> libc_hidden_weak for getc_unlocked.
> Tested for x86_64 (both without -Os to make sure that case continues
> to work, and with -Os to make sure all the relevant linknamespace and
> localplt test failures are resolved).  Because of other such failures
> that remain after this patch, neither of the bugs can yet be closed.
> 2018-02-16  Joseph Myers  <>
>         [BZ #15105]
>         [BZ #19463]
>         * libio/getc_u.c (getc_unlocked): Use libc_hidden_weak.
>         * include/stdio.h [!_ISOMAC] (__getc_unlocked): Use
>         attribute_hidden, and define inline if [__USE_EXTERN_INLINES].
>         [!_ISOMAC] (getc_unlocked): Use libc_hidden_proto.
>         * misc/getttyent.c (__getttyent): Call __getc_unlocked instead of
>         getc_unlocked.
>         * time/tzfile.c (__tzfile_read): Likewise.




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