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Re: [Patch][Aarch64] memcpy IFUNC for Cavium ThunderX2

On Fri, 2018-02-16 at 18:39 +0000, Szabolcs Nagy wrote:
> the code looks ok, and it is ok to commit if you think this gives
> benefit on thunderx2 (it should not affect other targets other
> than code bloat).
> i prefer not to add a new memcpy every time there is a new uarch,
> so i think in the long term old ones should be removed or merged
> (i'm not yet sure what's the right policy here, e.g. if a target
> is not available to anyone in the community for benchmarking it
> will be removed or if there is not enough performance benefit).
> i don't see a huge performance difference in the benchmark logs
> and there are a few weird cases e.g. in bench-memcpy.out
>      {
>       "length": 1888,
>       "align1": 0,
>       "align2": 59,
>       "timings": [151.016, 1905.47, 150.547, 257.656, 147.969, 151.172]
>      },
> the memcpy_thunderx2 is very slow (and memcpy_falkor is the fastest).

The benefit isn't huge but I think it is large enough to be helpful on
some programs.  I reran the benchmarks again and looked at the results.
This particular anomoly seems to have gone away (though falkor is still
faster for this specific instance).  I am not sure why it showed up
before, I was on a machine with no other users but there still may have
been something running that caused this hiccup.

     "length": 1888,
     "align1": 0,
     "align2": 59,
     "timings": [154.062, 1905.78, 151.641, 150.625, 146.094, 150.312]

The code run for ThunderX and ThunderX2 in this instance would be the
same because the length isn't large enough to trigger the prefetch
loop anyway.

I will check this in later unless someone else raises some objections.

Steve Ellcey

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