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Re: [PATCH] Use C99-compliant scanf under _GNU_SOURCE.

On Mon, 12 Feb 2018, Zack Weinberg wrote:

> Presumably the history here is that we had v{,f,s}scanf before C99 did
> (I haven't checked).  What if we use C99-complaint everything for any
> mode involving __ISOC99_SOURCE, but we also relax the condition for
> declaring v{,f,s}scanf in the first place, from __ISOC99_SOURCE to
> (__ISOC99_SOURCE || !__STRICT_ANSI__)?  In other words, provide
> v{,f,s}scanf under -std=gnu89 as well as under -std={c,gnu}99 and up.

It's odd to use __STRICT_ANSI__ as a condition for whether to declare 
something in a header.  We sometimes use __USE_MISC, but that's only 
defined for _DEFAULT_SOURCE which also implies __USE_ISOC99.

> (I care about this because, if you can't get at the noncompliant
> vscanf without overriding __GLIBC_USE_DEPRECATED_SCANF, then why do we
> have the noncompliant vscanf at all?)

Indeed, it could become a compat symbol and not defined for new ports / 
static linking if there's no longer any way of accessing it.

Joseph S. Myers

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