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[arm/ilp32 COMITTED] aarch64: Set ilp32 minimum linux version to 4.12

[commited] Fix $(error) use in Makefile

[COMMITTED 1/2] benchtests: Make memset benchmarks print json

[COMMITTED 1/3] benchtests: Use argparse to parse arguments

[COMMITTED 2/2] benchtests: Reallocate buffers for memset

[COMMITTED 2/3] benchtests: Make output a bit prettier

[COMMITTED 3/3] benchtests: New -g option to generate graphs in

[COMMITTED] Remove remaining _HAVE_STRING_ARCH_* definitions (BZ #18858)

[hurd,commited] Add missing libc_hidden_weak/def calls

[hurd,commited] hurd: Fix build ot misc/tst-preadvwritev2-common.c

[hurd,commited] hurd: Fix build without NO_HIDDEN

[hurd,commited] hurd: Fix getting ssize_t for <sys/socket.h>

[hurd,commited] hurd: Fix libc link

[hurd,commited] hurd: fix overriding rtld's __sbrk with the real implementation

[hurd,commited] hurd: Fix p{read,write}v64v2.c build

[hurd,commited] hurd: Fix p{read,write}{,v64}v2.c build

[hurd,commited] hurd: fix resolv/tst-resolv-res_init-skeleton.c build

[hurd,commited] hurd: Fix rtld link

[hurd,commited] hurd: Fix rtld's strtoul_internal use through hurdlookup

[hurd,commited] hurd: Fix sigsetops.h macros

[hurd,commited] hurd: mach/hurd/i386 also needs mach/hurd/x86

[hurd,commited] hurd: mach/hurd/x86 also needs x86 tunables

[hurd,commited] sunrpc/tst-udp-nonblocking: Fix timeout value

[hurd,commited] sunrpc/tst-udp-timeout: Fix timeout value

[hurd,commited] sysdeps/generic/sigsetops.h: Remove spurious #endif

Re: [hurd,commited]: Fix static initialization with -fstack-protector-strong

[PATCH 0/3] Fixes for -mfloat128 being enabled by default on gcc for power

[PATCH 0/4] Optimized generic expf and exp2f

[PATCH 0/9] Optimized expf, exp2f, logf, log2f and powf

[PATCH 0/9] posix: glob fixes and refactor

[PATCH 00/58] Hide internal functions in

[PATCH 01/58] Mark internal functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 02/58] Mark 3 *_internal functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 03/58] Mark __internal_statvfs[64] with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 04/58] Mark ____wcsto*_l_internal functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

Re: [PATCH 05/18] posix: Rewrite to use struct scratch_buffer instead of extend_alloca

[PATCH 05/58] Mark internal argp functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

Re: [PATCH 06/18] posix: Remove glob GET_LOGIN_NAME_MAX usage

[PATCH 06/58] Mark internal unistd functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 07/58] Mark internal grp/pwd/shadow functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 08/58] Mark __dso_handle as hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 09/58] Mark internal wchar functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

Re: [PATCH 1/1] Add IFUNC POWER optimization for e_pow and e_exp

[PATCH 1/1] Add new codepage charmaps/IBM858

Re: [PATCH 1/1] Added country_isbn for Netherlands


Re: [PATCH 1/1] Remove redundant data for niu_NZ

[PATCH 1/1] Remove redundant data in om_KE

Re: [PATCH 1/2 v5] openpty: close slave pty fd on error

[PATCH 1/2] benchtests: Memory walking benchmark for memcpy

[PATCH 1/2] benchtests: Memory walking benchmark for memset

[PATCH 1/2] Hoist ZVA check out of the function

[PATCH 1/3] powerpc: Add -mfloat128 to tst-strtod-nan-locale testcase

[PATCH 1/4 v2] Optimized generic expf and exp2f with wrappers

[PATCH 1/9 v3] Optimized generic expf and exp2f with wrappers

[PATCH 1/9] posix: Sync glob with gnulib [BZ #1062]

[PATCH 10/58] Mark internal gmp functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 11/58] Mark internal nscd functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 12/58] Mark internal time functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 13/58] Mark internal statfs functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 14/58] Mark internal gshadow functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 15/58] Mark internal stdio functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 16/58] Mark internal getXXXbyYYY functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 17/58] Mark internal dirent functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 18/58] Mark internal utmp functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 19/58] Mark internal stdlib functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 2/2] aarch64: Reduce zva prologue to 64 bytes to reduce one instruction

[PATCH 2/2] benchtests: Add a new argument -t to read throughput results

[PATCH 2/2] benchtests: Memory walking benchmark for memmove

[PATCH 2/2] Use C11 _Alignas on scratch_buffer internal buffer

[PATCH 2/3] powerpc: Add redirection for finitef128, isinf128, and isnanf128

[PATCH 2/4] Move exp compat wrappers under math/

[PATCH 2/9] posix: accept inode 0 is a valid inode number (BZ #19971)

[PATCH 20/58] Hide internal regex functions [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 21/58] Hide __readv and __writev [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 22/58] Mark internal rpc functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 23/58] Mark internal netlink functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 24/58] Hide __chmod and __mkdir [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 25/58] Hide internal sysinfo functions [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 26/58] Mark internal intl functions with attribute_hidden [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 27/58] Hide internal __ioctl function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 28/58] Hide internal __malloc_check_init function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 29/58] Hide internal __mremap function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 3/3] powerpc64le: Disable compiler support for float128 when reusing ldbl-128

[PATCH 3/4] New expf and exp2f version without SVID compat wrapper

[PATCH 3/9 v2] Do not wrap expf and exp2f

[PATCH 3/9] posix: Allow glob to match dangling symlinks [BZ #866]

[PATCH 30/58] Hide __posix_spawn_file_actions_realloc/__spawni [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 31/58] Hide internal __strsep function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 32/58] Hide internal signal functions [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 33/58] Hide internal __sysinfo function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 34/58] Hide internal __assert_fail_base function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 35/58] Hide internal __tdestroy function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 36/58] Hide internal __fopen_maybe_mmap function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 37/58] Hide internal __bsd_getpt function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 38/58] Move hidden_proto (__dl_iterate_phdr) to include/link.h [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 39/58] Hide internal __get_sol function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 4/4] Do not wrap expf and exp2f

[PATCH 4/9] New generic logf

[PATCH 4/9] Sync scratch_buffer with gnulib

[PATCH 40/58] Hide internal __gettextparse function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 41/58] Hide internal idna functions [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 42/58] Hide internal __ifreq function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 43/58] Hide internal __hasmntopt function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 44/58] Hide internal __hash_string function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 45/58] Hide internal __sched_setparam function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 46/58] Hide internal __vstrfmon_l function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 47/58] Hide internal __setrlimit function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 48/58] Hide internal __tcgetattr function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 49/58] Hide internal __nis_hash function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 5/9] New generic log2f

[PATCH 5/9] posix: Fix getpwnam_r usage (BZ #1062)

[PATCH 50/58] Hide internal __setfpucw function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 51/58] Hide internal __init_misc function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 52/58] Hide internal __libc_print_version function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 53/58] Hide internal __moncontrol function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 54/58] Hide internal __new_exitfn function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 55/58] Hide internal __new_getrlimit function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 56/58] Hide internal __glob64 function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 57/58] Hide internal __sched_setaffinity_new function [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 58/58] Hide internal fadvise64/fallocate64 functions [BZ #18822]

[PATCH 6/9] New generic powf

[PATCH 6/9] posix: fix glob bugs with long login names

[PATCH 7/9] New symbol version for logf, log2f and powf without SVID compat

[PATCH 7/9] posix: Consolidate glob implementation

[PATCH 8/9] Do not wrap logf, log2f and powf

[PATCH 8/9] posix: Use enum for __glob_pattern_type result

[PATCH 9/9] AArch64: update libm-test-ulps

[PATCH 9/9] posix: Fix glob with GLOB_NOCHECK returning modified patterns (BZ#10246)

[PATCH COMMITTED] __libc_dynarray_emplace_enlarge: Add missing else

[PATCH COMMITTED] nss_dns: Remove dead PTR IPv4-to-IPv6 mapping code

[PATCH COMMITTED] resolv: __resolv_conf_attach must not free passed conf object [BZ #22096]

[PATCH COMMITTED] resolv: Fix memory leak with OOM during resolv.conf parsing [BZ #22095]

[PATCH COMMITTED] tst-res_use_inet6: Enhance test to cover IPv4-to-IPv6 address mapping

[PATCH v2 0/5] Fixes for gcc enabling -mfloat128 by default

Re: [PATCH v2 02/28] arm64: KVM: Hide unsupported AArch64 CPU features from guests

Re: [PATCH v2 06/28] arm64/sve: System register and exception syndrome definitions

Re: [PATCH v2 07/28] arm64/sve: Low-level SVE architectural state manipulation functions

Re: [PATCH v2 09/28] arm64/sve: Signal frame and context structure definition

[PATCH v2 1/1] Add new codepage charmaps/IBM858

[PATCH v2 1/2] posix: Add compat glob symbol to not follow dangling symbols

[PATCH v2 1/5] powerpc64le: Add -mfloat128 to tst-strtod-nan-locale testcase

Re: [PATCH v2 10/28] arm64/sve: Low-level CPU setup

Re: [PATCH v2 11/28] arm64/sve: Core task context handling

Re: [PATCH v2 12/28] arm64/sve: Support vector length resetting for new processes

Re: [PATCH v2 13/28] arm64/sve: Signal handling support

Re: [PATCH v2 14/28] arm64/sve: Backend logic for setting the vector length

Re: [PATCH v2 15/28] arm64: cpufeature: Move sys_caps_initialised declarations

Re: [PATCH v2 16/28] arm64/sve: Probe SVE capabilities and usable vector lengths

Re: [PATCH v2 17/28] arm64/sve: Preserve SVE registers around kernel-mode NEON use

Re: [PATCH v2 18/28] arm64/sve: Preserve SVE registers around EFI runtime service calls

RE: [PATCH v2 19/28] arm64/sve: ptrace and ELF coredump support

[PATCH v2 2/5] powerpc: Add redirection for finitef128, isinf128, and isnanf128

Re: [PATCH v2 20/28] arm64/sve: Add prctl controls for userspace vector length management

Re: [PATCH v2 21/28] arm64/sve: Add sysctl to set the default vector length for new processes

Re: [PATCH v2 22/28] arm64/sve: KVM: Prevent guests from using SVE

Re: [PATCH v2 23/28] arm64/sve: KVM: Treat guest SVE use as undefined instruction execution

Re: [PATCH v2 24/28] arm64/sve: KVM: Hide SVE from CPU features exposed to guests

[PATCH v2 3/5] ldbl-128ibm: Copy implementations from ldbl-128 instead of including them

[PATCH v2 4/5] ldbl-128ibm: Automatic replacing of _Float128 and L()

[PATCH v2 5/5] Remove conditional on LDBL_MANT_DIG from e_lgammal_r.c


[PATCH v2] Let fpclassify use the builtin when optimizing for size in C++ mode (bug 22146)

[PATCH v2] New expf and exp2f version without SVID compat wrapper

[PATCH v2] Use execveat syscall in fexecve

[PATCH v2][malloc] Use relaxed atomics for malloc have_fastchunks

[PATCH v3 0/5] Fixes for gcc enabling -mfloat128 by default

[PATCH v3 1/5] powerpc64le: Add -mfloat128 to tst-strtod-nan-locale testcase

[PATCH v3 2/5] powerpc: Add redirection for finitef128, isinf128, and isnanf128

[PATCH v3 3/5] ldbl-128ibm: Copy implementations from ldbl-128 instead of including them

[PATCH v3 4/5] ldbl-128ibm: Automatic replacing of _Float128 and L()

[PATCH v3 5/5] Remove conditional on LDBL_MANT_DIG from e_lgammal_r.c

Re: [PATCH] [BZ #21745] powerpc: build some IFUNC math functions for libc and libm

[PATCH] [BZ #22142] powerpc: Fix the carry bit on mpn_[add|sub]_n on POWER7

[PATCH] aarch64: Optimized implementation of memmove for Qualcomm Falkor

Re: [PATCH] abort: Do not flush stdio streams [BZ #15436]

[PATCH] Add --enable-static-pie to build static PIE

[PATCH] Add exp2f and log2f benchmark trace

Re: [PATCH] Add expf trace

Re: [PATCH] Add logf trace

[patch] Add xdlopen/xdlsym/xdlclose support routines

[PATCH] Cleanup __ieee754_sqrt(f)

Re: [PATCH] Deprecate libcrypt and don't build it by default.

Re: [PATCH] Enable unwind info in libc-start.c and backtrace.c

Re: [PATCH] Extend tst-{atexit,at_quick_exit,cxa_atexit,onexit} to verify minimum number of supported handlers

[patch] Fix dlclose / exit running in parallel resulting in dtor being called twice

[PATCH] Fix double-checked locking in __gconv_get_path and __gconv_read_conf [BZ #22062]

Re: [patch] Fix for bz14333 -- race between atexit() and exit()

[patch] Fix for bz22161: ncsd: avoid dangling lock in netgroup cache timeout code

Re: [PATCH] Fix tests that are testing obsoleted functionality

[PATCH] Fix TLS relocations against local symbols on powerpc32, sparc32 and sparc64

Re: [PATCH] have ifunc resolver's return type match target

[PATCH] ia64: refresh ulps

[PATCH] improves exp() and expf() performance on Sparc.

[PATCH] Introduce NO_RTLD_HIDDEN, make hurd use it instead of NO_HIDDEN

[PATCH] libio: Implement internal function __libc_readline_unlocked

Re: [PATCH] linux: Implement tmpfile with O_TMPFILE (BZ#21530)

Re: [PATCH] Make copy of <bits/std_abs.h> from GCC 7 [BZ #21573]

[PATCH] malloc: Perform full initialization before __malloc_check_init

Re: [PATCH] malloc: Use compat_symbol_reference in libmcheck [BZ #22050]

[PATCH] math.h: Warn about an already-defined log macro

[PATCH] nss_files: Avoid large buffers with many host addresses [BZ #22078]

[PATCH] nss_files: Fix re-reading of long lines [BZ #18991]

[PATCH] nss_files: Refactor gethostbyname3 multi case into separate function

[PATCH] nss_files: Use struct scratch_buffer for gethostbyname [BZ #18023]

[PATCH] Optimized generic expf and exp2f

Re: [PATCH] Place $(elf-objpfx)sofini.os the last [BZ #22051]

[PATCH] posix: Add compat glob symbol to not follow dangling symbols

[PATCH] powerpc: Optimize memrchr for power8

Re: [PATCH] powerpc: Use aligned stores in memset

[PATCH] Prefer https: for GNU and FSF URLs

[PATCH] Provide a C++ version of fpclassify that does not use __MATH_TG (bug 22146)

Re: [PATCH] Remove compat from DEFAULT_CONFIG lookup strings

Re: [PATCH] Remove Roland McGrath et al. from banner

Re: [PATCH] Remove zero terminator for .eh_frame in [BZ #22053]

Re: [PATCH] resolv/resolv.h: allow alternative resolv.conf files

[PATCH] resolv_test.c: also cope with CONNREFUSED errors returned by recvfrom

[PATCH] Save final 'error' in __nptl_setxid_error()

[PATCH] Silence -O3 -Wall warning in malloc/hooks.c with GCC 7 [BZ #22052]

Re: [PATCH] string/stratcliff.c: Replace int with size_t [BZ #21982]

[PATCH] struct sockaddr_storage: Rename internal members

[PATCH] support_format_hostent: Add more error information for NETDB_INTERNAL

Re: [PATCH] tst-tlsopt-powerpc as a shared lib

[PATCH] Use execveat syscall in fexecve

[PATCH] x86: Add MathVec_Prefer_No_AVX512 to cpu-features [BZ #21967]

[PATCH] x86: Add x86_64 to x86-64 HWCAP [BZ #22093]

[PATCH][aarch64] Add thunderx2t99 and thunderx2t99p1 CPU names to tunables list

[PATCH][aarch64] Fix glibc.tune.cpu tunable handling

Re: [PATCH][aarch64] Fix hwcap argument passed to ifunc resolvers

[PATCH][malloc] Avoid atomics in have_fastchunks

Re: [PATCTH 0/2] pthread_mutexattr_setrobust() and pthread_mutex_consistent()

[Query] which one to use .. abbreviated or sort name?

Re: [RFC PATCH 0/3] Pretty-printing for errno

[RFC PATCH 00/52] Make GLIBC Y2038-proof

[RFC PATCH 01/52] Y2038: add type __time64_t

[RFC PATCH 02/52] Y2038: add function __difftime64

[RFC PATCH 03/52] Y2038: add functions using struct tm

[RFC PATCH 04/52] Y2038: add function __mktime64 (and timelocal)

[RFC PATCH 05/52] Y2038: add function __timegm64

[RFC PATCH 06/52] Y2038: add struct __timespec64

[RFC PATCH 07/52] Y2038: add function __clock_gettime64

[RFC PATCH 08/52] Y2038: add function __clock_settime64

[RFC PATCH 09/52] Y2038: add function __clock_getres64

[RFC PATCH 10/52] Y2038: add function __clock_nanosleep64

[RFC PATCH 11/52] Y2038: add function __timespec_get64

[RFC PATCH 12/52] Y2038: add function __futimens64

[RFC PATCH 13/52] Y2038: add function __utimensat64

[RFC PATCH 14/52] Y2038: add function __sigtimedwait64

[RFC PATCH 15/52] Y2038: add struct __timeval64

[RFC PATCH 16/52] Y2038: add function __futimes64

[RFC PATCH 17/52] Y2038: add function __lutimes64

[RFC PATCH 18/52] Y2038: add struct __itimerspec64

[RFC PATCH 19/52] Y2038: add function __timer_gettime64

[RFC PATCH 20/52] Y2038: add function __timer_settime64

[RFC PATCH 21/52] Y2038: add function __timerfd_gettime64

[RFC PATCH 22/52] Y2038: add function __timerfd_settime64

[RFC PATCH 23/52] Y2038: add struct __stat64_t64

[RFC PATCH 24/52] Y2038: add function __fstat64_t64 (and __fxstat64_t64)

[RFC PATCH 25/52] Y2038: add function __stat64_t64 (and __xstat64_t64)

[RFC PATCH 26/52] Y2038: add function __lstat64_t64 (and __lxstat64_t64)

[RFC PATCH 27/52] Y2038: add function __fstatat64_t64 (and __fxstatat_t64)

[RFC PATCH 28/52] Y2038: add function __time_t64

[RFC PATCH 29/52] Y2038: add function __stime_t64

[RFC PATCH 30/52] Y2038: add function __utimes_t64

[RFC PATCH 31/52] Y2038: add function __gettimeofday_t64

[RFC PATCH 32/52] Y2038: add function __settimeofday_t64

[RFC PATCH 33/52] Y2038: add function __mq_timedsend_t64

[RFC PATCH 34/52] Y2038: add function __mq_timedreceive_t64

[RFC PATCH 35/52] Y2038: add function __msgctl_t64

[RFC PATCH 36/52] Y2038: add function __sched_rr_get_interval_t64

[RFC PATCH 37/52] Y2038: add function __nanosleep64_t64

[RFC PATCH 38/52] Y2038: add function __adjtime_t64

[RFC PATCH 39/52] Y2038: add function __utime_t64

[RFC PATCH 40/52] Y2038: add struct __itimerval_t64

[RFC PATCH 41/52] Y2038: add function __getitimer_t64

[RFC PATCH 42/52] Y2038: add function __setitimer_t64

[RFC PATCH 43/52] Y2038: add functions using futexes

[RFC PATCH 44/52] Y2038: add function __getrusage_t64

[RFC PATCH 45/52] Y2038: add struct __ntp_timeval_t64

[RFC PATCH 46/52] Y2038: add function __ntp_gettime_t64

[RFC PATCH 47/52] Y2038: add function __ntp_gettimex_t64

[RFC PATCH 48/52] Y2038: add function __adjtimex_t64 (and __ntp_adjtime_t64)

[RFC PATCH 49/52] Y2038: add function pselect

[RFC PATCH 50/52] Y2038: add function select

[RFC PATCH 51/52] Y2038: add RPC functions

[RFC PATCH 52/52] Y2038: add _TIME_BITS==64 support

Re: [RFC] Enable RTM lock elision in current rwlock

[RFC][PATCH 0/4] Make getaddrinfo(3) return zone id from /etc/hosts for link-local IPv6 addresses [BZ #17083]

[RFC][PATCH 0/4][BZ 17083] Make getaddrinfo(3) return zone id from /etc/hosts for link-local IPv6 addresses

[RFC][PATCH 1/4][BZ 17083] getaddrinfo: Add comments for #else and #endif directives

[RFC][PATCH 2/4][BZ 17083] NSS: Parse zone identifier of IPv6 addresses in /etc/hosts

[RFC][PATCH 3/4][BZ 17083] NSS: Introduce gethostbyname5_r function

[RFC][PATCH 4/4][BZ 17083] getaddrinfo: Use the new getaddrinfo5_r NSS function

Re: [RFC][PATCH v8 08/16] Let alternative month names be a copy of regular ones (bug 10871).

[RFC][PATCH v9 0/6][BZ 10871] Month names in alternative grammatical case

[RFC][PATCH v9 1/6] Correct the size of _nl_value_type_LC_... arrays.

[RFC][PATCH v9 2/6] Implement alternative month names (bug 10871).

[RFC][PATCH v9 4/6] Abbreviated alternative month names (%Ob) also added (bug 10871).

[RFC][PATCH v9 6/6] Documentation to the above changes (bug 10871).

[RFC][PATCH] AArch64: use movz/movk instead of literal pools in start.S

[RFC][PATCH] Refactoring FORTIFY

[RFC][PATCH] tunables: Add elision tunable

Re: [RFC][PATCH][BZ 2100] blowfish support in libcrypt

Re: [RFCv4] Add pthread_cond_timedwaitonclock_np

Add benchtests for trunc and truncf

Add fcntl sealing interfaces from Linux 3.17 to bits/fcntl-linux.h

Add Linux 4.13 constants to bits/fcntl-linux.h

Add SOL_TLS definition from Linux 4.13

Add SSE4.1 trunc, truncf (bug 20142) [committed]

build failure: No rule to make target '/usr/include/linux/limits.h'

Clear up log1p, ldexp, scalbn, scalbln compat handling [committed]

Define and use a libm_alias_float macro [committed]

Define and use libm_alias_double [committed]

Define and use libm_alias_float128 [committed]

Define and use libm_alias_ldouble [committed]

Fix bits/math-finite.h exp10 condition (bug 22082) [committed]

Fix fexecve build where syscall macros call sizeof [committed]

Fix hppa/ia64/microblaze executable stack default (bug 22156)

Fix pcprofiledump cross-endian condition (bug 22086) [committed]

Fix powerpc64le problem from last ldbl-opt patch [committed]

Re: Get rid of duplicate const declaration specifier warning in tst-resolv-qtypes.c.

GNU Tools Cauldron 2017 follow up: "Reviewed-by" etc.

Improving expf() for Sparc and/or generic

Make more libm functions into weak aliases [committed]

man-pages-4.13 released

MIPS: Standalone/inline assembly issues (was: MIPS/o32: Fix internal_syscall5/6/7)

No rule to make target '.../check-abi-libcidn.out', needed by 'tests'. Stop.

Obsolete pow10 functions [committed]

PING: [PATCH] Add --enable-static-pie to build static PIE

Prefer new libm function wrappers for !LIBM_SVID_COMPAT [committed]

Remove declare_mgen_alias_2 [committed]

Remove ENOSYS math/ function stubs [committed]

Remove non-add-on Banner files

Re: Removing ChangeLog [Was Re: 2.26 hard freeze status]

Re: Removing old notes from the source tree

Re: Run git prune on

Re: Simplify HUGE_VAL definitions [committed]

Update kernel version in syscall-names.list to 4.13

Update netinet/tcp.h from Linux 4.13

Re: Update x86 ulps for GCC 7 [committed]

Use libm_alias_double in math/ [committed]

Use libm_alias_float in math/ [committed]

Use libm_alias_ldouble in math/ [committed]

Use Linux 4.13 in [committed]

Use MPFR 3.1.6 in [committed]

use-after-free / double-free exploit mitigation

Re: Using with single-threaded programs, for TLS access

Using with single-threaded programs, for TLS access (was: Re: [RFC PATCH 0/3] Pretty-printing for errno)

Re: Vendor branch namespace request

Where should ChangeLog entries for localedata go to now?

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