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Re: [PATCH] Fix incorrect double-checked locking in __nss_database_lookup. [BZ #20483]

On 09/13/2016 10:43 AM, Torvald Riegel wrote:
On Mon, 2016-09-12 at 20:55 +0200, Florian Weimer wrote:
On 08/18/2016 10:49 PM, Torvald Riegel wrote:
 DB_LOOKUP_FCT (service_user **ni, const char *fct_name, const char *fct2_name,
 	       void **fctp)
-      && __nss_database_lookup (DATABASE_NAME_STRING, ALTERNATE_NAME_STRING,
+  /* Relaxed MO is fine because this is just about whether we have to perform
+     the lookup; we will do another acquire-MO load next before assuming that
+     the lookup has happened.  */
+  if ((atomic_load_relaxed (&(DATABASE_NAME_SYMBOL)) == NULL)
+      && (__nss_database_lookup (DATABASE_NAME_STRING, ALTERNATE_NAME_STRING,
     return -1;

+  /* Acquire MO as required by __nss_database_lookup.  */
+  *ni = atomic_load_acquire (&(DATABASE_NAME_SYMBOL));

   return __nss_lookup (ni, fct_name, fct2_name, fctp);

I'm not sure if this is the double-checked locking pattern we want to
use for new code.  GCC currently cannot merge the two loads (and maybe
it never will do so because it is beneficial to treat the separate loads
as an optimization hint).

I don't think the (re)load matters performance-wise, given that
DATABASE_NAME_SYMBOL is initialized once, and so the access will most
likely hit in the cache.  What may matter were if we'd often returned -1
and would have an unnecessary acquire MO in this path, though OTOH
__nss_database_lookup will acquire the lock anyway.

__nss_database_lookup fails only if there is a low-level failure (like a failed memory allocation). As far as I can see, syntax errors in the configuration file are ignored. You always get a positive result out of it, so it's only called once.

Loading it into a temporary first, then doing the check, and then
issuing an acquire-MO fence would be another way to avoid the extra

Couldn't we do an acquire load unconditionally? The == NULL case is really not worth optimizing for, it only happens during startup.

I still think we would be better off if we centralize this particular
code in a single function with an interface similar to
__nss_database_lookup.  The manual inlining seems unnecessary.

Doing all of that in __nss_database_lookup might be cleaner, I agree.
But my focus for this patch was just a bug fix, not refactoring; I'd
like to leave it to others to decide how to clean-up this part of glibc.
I also wasn't quite sure whether __nss_database_lookup is part of the
ABI or not.

I looked at the current implementation and I already see a *ni != NULL in __nss_database_lookup, so I think we can just move the double-checked locking into __nss_database_lookup and simplify the callers. This would not result in an observable behavior change, so it is okay although __nss_database_lookup is part of the ABI.

And the refactoring would mostly be about deleting a bunch of code around calls of __nss_database_lookup. The core changes in __nss_database_lookup (to move the release-MO store to the end, after all initialization) are needed either way.


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