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Re: Lessons learned from compiler error/warnings tests

On 09/09/16 13:28, Florian Weimer wrote:
For compile-time fortify checks (such as the wrappers for type-safe
open/openat), we need to add tests in glibc which examine the compiler output
for warnings and errors.

I do not want to add Dejagnu as a dependency to the glibc test suite, but I
wonder if you could share any lessons learned from the testing support facility
in GCC.

That seems wise. Ian words may be worth taking into account:

and do not miss the comment by Joel Brobecker about what AdaCore uses (internally?).

Would you suggest to mirror the GCC directives exactly?

I find the GCC directives easy to read and use. There are some quirks, like the need to specify all no-op options such as "{ *-*-* }" just to provide an explicit line-number. And it would be useful to have additional directives that compile the tests with different options (we have many many duplicated tests that only differ in the options or directives). But your parser does not need to have those limitations.


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