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Re: Proposed changes to Bugzilla components

On Mon, 24 Aug 2015, Florian Weimer wrote:

> On 08/24/2015 11:41 AM, Joseph Myers wrote:
> These two a very difficult to tell apart:
> > * network is "Any network-related functionality e.g. getaddrinfo etc.".  
> > Suggest changing "network-related" to "network-related or socket-related" 
> > (sockets may not strictly be networking, but this seems the best place for 
> > issues about generic socket functions).
> > * nss "Name Service Switch.".
> Mainly because network explicitly mentions getaddrinfo.  It's also not
> clear where to put resolv issues (but it could get its own component).

I'm thinking of nss as being non-network nss issues, while network 
includes resolv issues.  18356 (currently network) would be nss, 18724 
(currently network) would be libc (putpwent isn't NSS), libc issues that 
would be nss include at least 12459, 15385, 17250.

> The miscellaneous component is also somewhat difficult to find in my
> experience.

You mean libc?  I think the problem with it is there are too many issues 
there (which to some extent can only be addressed by people working 
through them and fixing them - or, where issues request new features, 
seeking consensus on libc-alpha about whether those features are desirable 
at all; that also applies to issues in various other components).

Joseph S. Myers

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