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Re: [PATCH v2] Don't fall back to mmap if the original arena is not corrupt

On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 02:53:06PM -0400, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> i'm not sure this fixes the stated bug.  say you have two arenas:
> 	a -> b -> a
> b is corrupt and a is avoided.
> 	avoid_arena = a;
> 	result = a;
> 	begin = a;
> so the first loop runs because result == avoid_arena, so we move result=b,
> and then the second loop runs because arena_is_corrupt(b), so we move
> result=a, and then we hit the if statement which sets looped=true, and then
> we break out.  then we return NULL even though there is a non-corrupt region.
> looks like this applies whenever the first region is avoided and the others
> are corrupt.

Thanks for pointing that out, but it appears to me that this problem
is only valid when none of the arenas are corrupt and no arenas are
avoided.  One would not really care about performance loss when any of
the arenas are corrupt because it will just be a matter of time before
the program dies.  There is of course the case of:

a -> a where one could fall back to mmap, but that's OK for two reasons:

1. It is unlikely because the code will always attempt to create
   another arena before going down the retry path, so you'd at least
   end up with a -> b -> a.  In the unlikely case that creating the
   arena fails, we don't fall back to reusing anyway, and we just use

2. Even if we ever end up with the a -> a case, it's OK to fall back
   because we don't really care about retrying in the same map that we
   failed, so I'd argue that the original code was wrong in returning
   the same arena.

This also means that my original assertion about the "degenerate case
being only one arena" is wrong; there is no such degenerate case.
Also, the code around this is a bit murky because of some useless
bits.  I'll try to clean them up in follow-up patches.

Is the explanation sound enough for me to commit this?  I can add
comments in the code to explain this in detail if you think it'll


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