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Request for google/ namespace

As many on this list already know, Google has long maintained an
internal version of glibc, under the name GRTE, that is the main C
library for binaries running on production servers.  There have been
sporadic releases of the sources in the past, for instance at , but we
would like to use git to set up a higher-bandwidth conduit for
changes, as the set of local patches is now non-trivial and should be
more visible.

So to start with, it seems useful to define a namespace:


Under that there should be release branches.  At the moment we have
GRTE versions 1-4, where for example v4 corresponds to glibc-2.19.
It's not clear to me what is the most sensible branch naming scheme;
GRTE includes additional bits, such as Python runtime, so it might
make to borrow glibc versions verbatim, so we get

google/2.x  <--- release/2.x/master

plus a master for development

google/master  <--- master

(Google does have non-GRTE non-Roland glibc trees, but I haven't heard
that any of them need branches of their own.)

The proposed policy owners would be:

shebs - Stan Shebs (Google)
bmoses - Brooks Moses (Google)
ppluzhnikov - Paul Pluzhnikov (Google)

Everybody would be covered under Google's copyright assignment.


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