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Re: [PATCH 1/5] Clean pthread types namespace for all archs.

On Fri, 21 Aug 2015, Juan Manuel Torres Palma wrote:

> > Well, don't say $ARCH (just give the name that will be found within the
> > sysdeps search path, allowing the possibility that in some cases this may
> > depend on both the architecture and the OS)
> Then should I add that comment to each architecture specific
> thread-shared-types.h? I really don't get this. Could you give me an
> example?

No, put the comment in the default thread-shared-types.h only.  But where 
your comment says "$ARCH/bits/thread-shared-types.h. Defines ..." just say 
"bits/thread-shared-types.h.  Defines ...", with no mention of "$ARCH".  
The interface for thread-shared-types.h is not that it is 
architecture-specific - it's that it's a sysdeps header, and copies of 
that header might correspond to architectures, operating systems or some 
combination thereof.  Similarly, don't say "arch-specific" or anything 
like that in the default header, because the particular axes of variation 
that happen to be used by the correct copies of the header are not part of 
the interface.

Joseph S. Myers

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