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Re: Hash out a solution for ChangeLog/NEWS at the Cauldron?

On Wed, 5 Aug 2015, Siddhesh Poyarekar wrote:

> > I don't see the point in a [committed] message if only the log message has 
> > changed.
> Any change in the content of the patch, including the commit log and
> even the date and time will result in the commit id being changed.
> patchwork identifies patches based on their commit ids, so a changed
> commit id means that the patch does not get marked.

An emailed patch doesn't have a commit id, assuming you mean the SHA1 hash 
of the commit object generated by git; that depends on the committer email 
and date, not just the author email and date, as well as the complete 
state of the patched tree (not just the files modified by the patch) and 
the parent commit objects.  For changes not involving the actual diff 
itself I'd rather leave it to people to see the final commit on glibc-cvs 
(and have the committer update patchwork manually if it can't be smarter 
about detecting what's the same change) rather than having extra emails to 
the list just for the sake of controlling patchwork.

Joseph S. Myers

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