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Re: [PATCH][BZ #17250] Static dlopen default library search path fix

"Maciej W. Rozycki" <> writes:

>  So the solution is to leave `.l_flags_1' clear in the static link map, 
> and I can see `__builtin_expect' has been since changed in elf/dl-load.c 
> to `__glibc_unlikely' already so nothing to do here; obviously I must have 
> not been the only one getting confused here.

The __builtin_expect -> __glibc_(un)likely change was a cleanup, nothing
about getting confused.

>  I'm not prepared to properly regression-test a change right away, but 
> meanwhile can you try the below as a proposed fix?

This fixes the testcase.

> Also I'm not sure offhand how to make a test case that covers this
> issue, but I'll be happy to accept ideas and implement them.

A testcase will have to make sure nscd isn't involved, which makes it
more difficult to implement.


Andreas Schwab, SUSE Labs,
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