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Re: Is Y2038-proofing in a glibc roadmap somewhere?

On Mon, Aug 3, 2015 at 4:43 AM, Albert ARIBAUD <> wrote:
> As I don't have a copyright assignment in place with the FSF yet, the
> contribution checklist copyright assignment section
> (
> says someone from libc-alpha should direct me to a FSF copyright
> assignment request form that's best suited to your contribution under
> the guidelines.

Since you haven't done any work yet, you want the "past and future
changes" form:

> According to
> only
> maintainers and important contributors can access the copyright papers
> through their fencepost account, so obviously I don't qualify for
> getting the papers myself.

This is somewhat out of date - the process used to be more
complicated.  Just fill out the form above and mail it in as

> Hmm, why the relationship with _FILE_OFFSET_BITS? At least at first
> sight, supporting 64-bit time seems pretty unrelated/orthogonal to
> supporting 64-bit file sizes.

I don't know for certain what Joseph had in mind, but I believe that's
just to cut down on the number of combinations the header files need
to support.  'struct stat', for instance, contains both time_t and
off_t quantities, so there would have to be four different definitions
of it if _FILE_OFFSET_BITS and _TIME_BITS were independent, but only
three if _TIME_BITS=64 requires _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64.  And restricting
it to three variants also makes it more likely that the different
structures can be told apart by sizeof().


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