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Re: [PATCH] sha2: new header <sha2.h>

On Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 12:48:23PM -0700, Roland McGrath wrote:
> You haven't said anything to justify the change.  People are giving you
> feedback on the implementation details, but that should not be interpreted
> as agreement with the effect of the change.  I don't think we have any
> desire whatsoever to support new APIs in -lcrypt.  There are other
> libraries that provide things like SHA implementations.  Just use those.
I responded to this earlier but it ended up sending an empty message :/

There is alot of duplication of effort on these hash sums and the most commonly used
library for them is OpenSSL, which has infamous licensing issues.
Moreover AFAIK only OpenSSL is mature enough to support Intel and ARM cpu extensions
for SHA2.
Although I am not proposing we add support for SHA1 (which is now considered insecure)
I note that git doesn't support Intel or ARM's cpu extensions for SHA1 even though that
application's performance is heavily dependant on hashes.
We already have to do SHA2 hashes in libcrypt, and by adding CPU acceleration support
we can save applications much duplication of effort. OpenSSL is also quite overkill for applications
that do not want to do AES.


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