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Re: [PATCH] CVE-2014-8121: Fix nss_files file management [BZ#18007]

* Andreas Schwab:

> Florian Weimer <> writes:
>> Maybe.  But we cannot remove the old API (there are external NSS
>> modules, after all).  Therefore, such a change would only increase
>> complexity.
> There is no way around.

Andreas, your discussion style is really unhelpful.  You only post
one-line oblique assertions.  I have to guess what you actually mean.
I certainly value your expertise and input, but this is now too
frustrating to keep going.

>> Ahem, I think the commit message of my patch explains this quite
>> clearly.  The code Ulrich added to deal with this corner case didn't
>> work as intended because a flag was not set correctly.
> Since it doesn't fix the bug, it doesn't make sense.

It fixes the bug for all the nss_files back end, and this has been
verified by multiple people.  The fix also matches my root cause
analysis (included in the commit message).  If you think this analysis
is wrong and fails to explain why Ulrich's original attempt to fix
this bug didn't work, please point out precisely where my reasoning
goes off thhe tracks.

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