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Re: powerpc __tls_get_addr call optimization

On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 09:24:21AM -0700, H.J. Lu wrote:
> >>> Not that I know of. i386 TLSDESC was broken in binutils for several
> >>> years and only recently fixed... Until a couple months ago nobody
> >>> noticed. :-(
> >>>
> >>> This situation really should be set right (with proper tests and
> >>> timeline for changing the default to TLSDESC) so we can put an end to
> >>> the invalid use of IE-model in shared libraries.
> >>
> >> Another thing,  x86 and x86-64 TLS DESC spec should be
> >> in x86 and x86-64 psABIs, not a URL.
> >
> > Agreed. As should the TLS specification instead of a URL reference to
> > tls.pdf which is going to get out of date.
> TLS spec is too big to be included in x86 psABIs unless
> Ulrich contributed patches for tex source to x86 psABIs.

Are you sure? His TLS docs contain a lot of informative content that
should not be taken as spec. There's no reason for a psABI to document
optimizations a linker can make. Simply documenting the semantics of
the relocation types and the actual ABI constraints they impose
(mainly, location of static TLS relative to the thread-pointer) should
be possible in a fairly compact text suitable for inclusion in the
psABI. Of course actually writing that is a bit of work...


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