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[PATCH] Add envz_remove to the libc manual


I was told that Ma Shimao submitted a patch to add envz_remove to the
libc manual, but the patch could not be accepted since he does not
have a copyright assignment in place.  I have been woefully behind on
libc-alpha recently and have not seen the patch or the discussion
thread.  I have also not read the man page for envz_remove, so
Alexandre Oliva asked me if I could write this independently and post
a patch.  The patch below is the result of the same - I have written
it based on the implementation in string/envz.c and Alex told me via
email that the function is AS, AC and MT-safe like envz_strip.

I assume Alex and Carlos cannot review this since they have been
tainted by the original patch (I haven't even tried to look for a link
to it since I don't want to be tainted) so someone else will have to
review this.  If there are no reviewers till the end of the week, I
will commit this since I believe there is a chance that there are no
other reviewers who haven't read that thread.

OK to commit?


	* manual/string.texi (Envz Functions): Add envz_remove.

diff --git a/manual/string.texi b/manual/string.texi
index ba5a2c7..fd1b42f 100644
--- a/manual/string.texi
+++ b/manual/string.texi
@@ -2788,5 +2788,13 @@ The @code{envz_strip} function removes any null entries from @var{envz},
 updating @code{*@var{envz}} and @code{*@var{envz_len}}.
 @end deftypefun
+@comment envz.h
+@comment GNU
+@deftypefun {void} envz_remove (char **@var{envz}, size_t *@var{envz_len}, const char *@var{name})
+The @code{envz_remove} function removes an entry named @var{name} from
+@var{envz}, updating @code{*@var{envz}} and @code{*@var{envz_len}}.
+@end deftypefun
 @c FIXME this are undocumented:
 @c strcasecmp_l @safety{@mtsafe{}@assafe{}@acsafe{}} see strcasecmp

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