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Re: [RFC] Pretty printers for NPTL lock types

On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 4:37 PM, Carlos O'Donell <> wrote:
> On 03/11/2015 11:21 AM, Martin Galvan wrote:
> I would like to hear more about your testing.
> I would suggest two ways to test this:
> (a) Using gdb on the command line.
> (b) Using Eclipse + CDT to debug native applications with a gdb that
>     sources this information. Then in the debug view look at what happens
>     when you inspect a mutex object.

Hi Carlos! So far I've been testing it on the CLI using a few example
programs, some of which deliberately deadlock/do wrong things. I'll
test it on Eclipse as well for v2.

> As Tom noted the pretty-printers don't print things, they return strings
> that the higher level gdb then presents to the user.
> The last time I did this there were two easy ways to do this:
> (1) Return some kind of long string with data the user can read.
> (2) Return a tabular structure supported by gdb which results in
>     a tabular view for higher level IDEs using gdb's machine interface
>     e.g. gdb/MI, and I think the table view was `[var="val", ...]`,
>     but I can't remember.

Right now I'd rather go with the first way, since it's simpler and
some of the info I'm printing isn't suited for a tabular view (e.g.
the warnings on a robust mutex's state being inconsistent).

> Please post a v2 for review and detail your testing please.

Will do. Thanks for the feedback!

> Cheers,
> Carlos.


MartÃn GalvÃn

Software Engineer

Taller Technologies Argentina

San Lorenzo 47, 3rd Floor, Office 5

CÃrdoba, Argentina

Phone: 54 351 4217888 / +54 351 4218211

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