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Re: [PATCH] Use 1U everywhere in elf/elf.h.

On 03/06/2015 01:01 PM, Roland McGrath wrote:
> It you're going to do it, you should be consistent and cover all the ones
> that aren't written using << too.  (Every bare integer constant has type
> int.)  Also, if this is important you should write a test for it.  I'm not
> sure what is the easiest or best way to verify that a constant's type is
> something in particular.  Note that the right type is not necessarily
> something like 'unsigned int', but is a type whose signedness matches and
> whose width is no larger than, the type of the corresponding struct field.
> The test can use some scripting to grovel the full set of macro names to
> test, with some hand-written rules for choosing the type (e.g. 'R_*' ->
> 'Elf32_Word').

I would like to write a test case for it, but I can't get anything to
trigger the original reported failure by readelf when running with

Therefore I can't at present even get a reproducer nor write a regression
test, but I know what what we have for SHF_EXCLUDE is wrong.

Anyone else able to create a test case that shows this?

It would obviously require libubsan for `make check`, but that isn't
too bad?


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