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Re: [PATCH] Add new script

On 03/06/2015 05:24 AM, Florian Weimer wrote:
> On 03/05/2015 11:06 PM, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
>> I'm arguing Florian's script is 50% of a solution. I've had to update
>> the abi files and it's annoying. Similarly Florian probably has also.
>> You really want:
>> (a) `make all-update-abi` to propagate `make update-abi` changes to all
>>     machine abis.
> Can we change the format of the abi-list file so that it is a list of
> rows, with space-separated columns
>  <version> <symbol> <flags/size>
> ?  Then I can write the diffing and merging logic just with sort and
> comm.  With the current format, I'd have to write another Python script
> (or learn awk).

Yeah, absolutely, you can change it to be whatever format
you think makes it easier to automate processing. However,
this also involves updating existing scripts that use the
old format, or rewriting such scripts in python.

I don't care if we repeat some data in the file if it simplifies
automation and thus simplifies my work as a developer.


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