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Re: [PATCH v2] Complete example in error message documentation.

On 05 Mar 2015 18:35, ricaljasan wrote:
> OOC, is there a lifetime on submitted patches?

not really.  i happened to not have deleted your e-mails as they looked like no 
one followed up, and i've been clearing out some old unread posts to this list.  
we have patchwork to try and prevent old patches from getting lost/ignored:

> I have been working
> more or less regularly on grammar and formatting patches for the manual,
> but the glibc manual is quite a large document to read, let alone edit.

if you're looking at doing more work, then we probably should make sure you have 
copyright assignment in place.  have you gone through that process yet ?

>  I had some other manual patches submitted, but those may have been a
> little (too) early in the editing process, so I'd actually prefer they
> be forgotten.  It's taken a while to develop a consistent style and
> scope and I'd rather submit a more cohesive set later.  I can
> reply/forward with a NACK, if that's the best thing to do.

ok, i'll delete all the pending ones from you in my inbox and purge them from 

> This patch is fine to submit, as it is independent of the other work I'm
> doing.  Thank you for following up.

i'll push this one since it's just deleting lines and you don't really need 
copyright assignment to *delete* things :).

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