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Re: [PATCH] Add new script

> Could we have a `make all-update-abi` target that ran `make update-abi`
> and then ran your script to propagate all the changes to all other
> targets? That's the only useful case I can come up with where your
> script helps.
> Thoughts?

Anything with a manually-controlled step still assumes that the human gets
the details right.  Of course it would be caught eventually if they don't,
but it still seems like false security to me.

If we get to where we have a buildbot (even compile-only) for each
maintained configuration, then we can arrange to have the bot logs show
check-abi diffs in a digestible fashion.  Then one can commit the change
including the 'make update-abi'-created changes for every machine one
personally built for, wait for all the bots to cycle, and run some
bot-log-scraping script that has the effect of producing the same changes
'make update-abi' would do if you were able to build it locally.  Of course
that leaves a window of commit history where check-abi is in a failing
state for some subset of configurations, which is less than ideal.

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