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Re: -Wundef fixes

On 12/29/2014 9:38 AM, Siddhesh Poyarekar wrote:
I have checked in patches to fix the remaining -Wundef warnings, so
now the build log should be clean for most configurations.  I had
noticed the odd -Wundef warning on other architectures, which I'll
have a more clear report on once my cross-builds are complete.

It looked like the posix-conf-vars-def.h rule in before-compile was assuming a build in the source tree, since it was listed without the $(objpfx) prefix.  I added the $(objpfx) and pushed the change. However, perhaps your gawk is newer than mine, since mine (RHEL 6, gawk 3.1.7) doesn't work with your gen-posix-conf-vars.awk:

gawk: ../scripts/gen-posix-conf-vars.awk:45:   sc_prefixes[prefix][$1] = sc_prefix
gawk: ../scripts/gen-posix-conf-vars.awk:45:                      ^ syntax error
gawk: ../scripts/gen-posix-conf-vars.awk:46:   conf[prefix][$1] = type
gawk: ../scripts/gen-posix-conf-vars.awk:46:               ^ syntax error
gawk: ../scripts/gen-posix-conf-vars.awk:54:     for (c in conf[p]) {
gawk: ../scripts/gen-posix-conf-vars.awk:54:                   ^ syntax error
gawk: ../scripts/gen-posix-conf-vars.awk:58:       if (conf[p][c] != "CONFSTR") {
gawk: ../scripts/gen-posix-conf-vars.awk:58:                  ^ syntax error
gawk: ../scripts/gen-posix-conf-vars.awk:70:       if (conf[p][c] == "SPEC") {
gawk: ../scripts/gen-posix-conf-vars.awk:70:                  ^ syntax error
gawk: ../scripts/gen-posix-conf-vars.awk:72:    num = sprintf ("%s_%s", sc_prefixes[p][c], c)
gawk: ../scripts/gen-posix-conf-vars.awk:72:                                          ^ syntax error

INSTALL is still only claiming gawk 3.1.2 or higher.

Chris Metcalf, EZChip Semiconductor

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