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Re: linknamespace failures

On 12/20/2014 6:11 AM, Joseph Myers wrote:
The vast bulk of these are XFAILed in conform/Makefile.  You need to
investigate why the XFAILs there are ineffective for you.

Yes, I think the strstr -> strnlen bug that I fixed caused a lot of
tests to fail, and when I investigated the .out files, I saw other things,
that perhaps would have been suppressed otherwise?  Not exactly clear,
but in any case, rerunning make check after that fix was in, the number
of FAILs reduced dramatically:

FAIL: conform/ISO/math.h/linknamespace
FAIL: conform/POSIX/math.h/linknamespace
FAIL: conform/UNIX98/math.h/linknamespace
FAIL: conform/UNIX98/strings.h/linknamespace
FAIL: conform/XOPEN2K/strings.h/linknamespace
FAIL: conform/XOPEN2K8/strings.h/linknamespace
FAIL: conform/XPG3/math.h/linknamespace
FAIL: conform/XPG4/math.h/linknamespace
FAIL: conform/XPG4/strings.h/linknamespace

The strings.h problem is something I understand (ffs vs ffsll); patch to follow.

Looking at the math.h problem, it seems to be that SET_RESTORE_ROUND_53BIT
in sysdeps/ieee754/dbl-64/s_sin.c (for example) calls through to feupdateenv()
and other similar routines:

[initial] __sqrt -> [libm.a(w_sqrt.o)] __ieee754_sqrt -> [libm.a(e_sqrt.o)] fegetround
[initial] __sqrt -> [libm.a(w_sqrt.o)] __ieee754_sqrt -> [libm.a(e_sqrt.o)] fesetenv
[initial] __cos -> [libm.a(s_sin.o)] feupdateenv
[initial] __remainder -> [libm.a(w_remainder.o)] __ieee754_remainder -> [libm.a(e_remainder.o)] fegetenv
[initial] __asinh -> [libm.a(s_asinh.o)] __ieee754_sqrt -> [libm.a(e_sqrt.o)] fegetround
[initial] __remainder -> [libm.a(w_remainder.o)] __ieee754_remainder -> [libm.a(e_remainder.o)] fesetenv

On tile we use the no-op version in math/feupdateenv.c, but surely we should be
calling these routines with the __feupdateenv entry point names?

Finally, in conform/{XPG[34],XOPEN2K}/math.h/linknamespace.out, we see:

[initial] j0 -> [libm.a(w_j0.o)] j0l
[initial] j1 -> [libm.a(w_j1.o)] j1l
[initial] jn -> [libm.a(w_jn.o)] jnl
[initial] j0 -> [libm.a(w_j0.o)] y0l
[initial] j1 -> [libm.a(w_j1.o)] y1l
[initial] jn -> [libm.a(w_jn.o)] ynl

Should, e.g., the strong_alias (j0, j0l) in math/w_j0.c be a weak_alias?

Chris Metcalf, EZChip Semiconductor

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