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Re: [PATCH] Removal of duplication of -frounding-math for math tests

2014-12-06 1:36 GMT+03:00 Joseph Myers <>:
> OK with a proper ChangeLog entry (which means naming each variable
> changed, along the lines of

        * math/Makefile (CFLAGS-test-float.c): Remove -frounding-math.
        (CFLAGS-test-double.c): Likewise.
        (CFLAGS-test-ldouble.c): Likewise.
        (CPPFLAGS-test-ifloat.c): Likewise.
        (CPPFLAGS-test-idouble.c): Likewise.
        (CPPFLAGS-test-ildoubl.c): Likewise.
        (CFLAGS-test-test-fenv.c): Remove variable.
        (CFLAGS-test-misc.c): Likewise.

diff --git a/math/Makefile b/math/Makefile
index 866bc0f..9ec450b 100644
--- a/math/Makefile
+++ b/math/Makefile
@@ -126,9 +126,9 @@ $(objpfx)test-ldouble.o: $(objpfx)libm-test.stmp
 $(objpfx)test-ildoubl.o: $(objpfx)libm-test.stmp

-CFLAGS-test-float.c = -fno-inline -ffloat-store -fno-builtin -frounding-math
-CFLAGS-test-double.c = -fno-inline -ffloat-store -fno-builtin -frounding-math
-CFLAGS-test-ldouble.c = -fno-inline -ffloat-store -fno-builtin -frounding-math
+CFLAGS-test-float.c = -fno-inline -ffloat-store -fno-builtin
+CFLAGS-test-double.c = -fno-inline -ffloat-store -fno-builtin
+CFLAGS-test-ldouble.c = -fno-inline -ffloat-store -fno-builtin
 CFLAGS-test-tgmath.c = -fno-builtin
 # The following testcase uses very long lines (>3 million), so it may take a
 # while to compile it. See: and
@@ -136,15 +136,12 @@ CFLAGS-test-tgmath.c = -fno-builtin
 CFLAGS-test-tgmath2.c = -fno-builtin
 CFLAGS-test-tgmath-ret.c = -fno-builtin
 CFLAGS-test-powl.c = -fno-builtin
-CFLAGS-test-test-fenv.c = -frounding-math
-CFLAGS-test-misc.c = -frounding-math
-                        -DTEST_FAST_MATH -fno-builtin -frounding-math
+                        -DTEST_FAST_MATH -fno-builtin
-                        -DTEST_FAST_MATH -fno-builtin -frounding-math
+                        -DTEST_FAST_MATH -fno-builtin
-                         -DTEST_FAST_MATH -fno-builtin -frounding-math
+                         -DTEST_FAST_MATH -fno-builtin

 # The -lieee module sets the _LIB_VERSION_ switch to IEEE mode
 # for error handling in the -lm functions.

Ok for trunk?


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