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Re: [PATCH] [BZ 17588 13064] Update UTF-8 charmap and width to Unicode 7.0.0

>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Pravin Satpute" <>
>Cc: "Mike FABIAN" <>
>Sent: Monday, November 24, 2014 10:24:11 PM
>Subject: [PATCH] [BZ 17588 13064]  Update UTF-8 charmap and width to Unicode 7.0.0
>    In last couple of weeks Mike (cc'ed) reviewed and improved patches i submitted earlier for UTF-8 and CTYPE. Attached updated patch for UTF-8 as per his review. We have divided the bug last week into CTYPE and UTF-8 for >simplicity in tracking changes. Most of the discussions are available on bugzilla [1][2]
>   Earlier discussion and patches for UTF-8 is available in this libc-alpha thread.
>   Let me know if anything remaining before getting this patch in glibc rawhide. In meanwhile i will test improvement Mike has done for i18n (CTYPE), one can see it on [1].
>    Patch size is 1.8 MB so not attaching to this email. [4]

Mike pointed out applying patch created by ignoring space creates inconsistencies in final UTF-8 file. Also we agreed for no need to keep multiple space after utf8 hex field.
I have updated the patch (2.7M) and it available  on bugzilla. (

Pravin Satpute

>   Backward compatibility report is available AT [5]. See github for more information regarding changes and improvements in scripts [5]
>Pravin Satpute

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