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Re: [COMMITTED] CVE-2014-7817: wordexp fails to honour WRDE_NOCMD.

On 11/19/2014 03:02 PM, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
> Committed to trunk.

Committed to 2.20.

commit 33ceaf6187b31ea15284ac65131749e1cb68d2ae
Author: Carlos O'Donell <>
Date:   Wed Nov 19 11:44:12 2014 -0500

    CVE-2014-7817: wordexp fails to honour WRDE_NOCMD.
    The function wordexp() fails to properly handle the WRDE_NOCMD
    flag when processing arithmetic inputs in the form of "$((... ``))"
    where "..." can be anything valid. The backticks in the arithmetic
    epxression are evaluated by in a shell even if WRDE_NOCMD forbade
    command substitution. This allows an attacker to attempt to pass
    dangerous commands via constructs of the above form, and bypass
    the WRDE_NOCMD flag. This patch fixes this by checking for WRDE_NOCMD
    in exec_comm(), the only place that can execute a shell. All other
    checks for WRDE_NOCMD are superfluous and removed.
    We expand the testsuite and add 3 new regression tests of roughly
    the same form but with a couple of nested levels.
    On top of the 3 new tests we add fork validation to the WRDE_NOCMD
    testing. If any forks are detected during the execution of a wordexp()
    call with WRDE_NOCMD, the test is marked as failed. This is slightly
    heuristic since vfork might be used in the future, but it provides a
    higher level of assurance that no shells were executed as part of
    command substitution with WRDE_NOCMD in effect. In addition it doesn't
    require libpthread or libdl, instead we use the public implementation
    namespace function __register_atfork (already part of the public ABI
    for libpthread).
    Tested on x86_64 with no regressions.
    (cherry picked from commit a39208bd7fb76c1b01c127b4c61f9bfd915bfe7c)


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