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Re: Race condition in localedata tests?

On 11/18/2014 11:41 AM, H.J. Lu wrote:
>>> Do the tests have explicit dependencies on the locales they use?
>>> Perhaps it just happens that de_DE.UTF-8 hits the filesystem by
>>> the time the test runs.
>> localedata/Makefile has
>> # Dependency for the locale files.  We actually make it depend only on
>> # one of the files.
>> $(addprefix $(objpfx),$(CTYPE_FILES)): %: \
>> $(common-objpfx)locale/localedef Makefile \
>>   $(addprefix charmaps/,$(CHARMAPS)) $(addprefix locales/,$(LOCALE_SRCS))
>>         @$(SHELL) $(common-objpfx) \
>>                   '$(built-program-cmd-before-env)' '$(run-program-env)' \
>>                   '$(built-program-cmd-after-env)' $@; \
>>         $(evaluate-test)
>> $(addsuffix .out,$(addprefix $(objpfx),$(tests))): %: \
>>   $(addprefix $(objpfx),$(CTYPE_FILES))
>> $(objpfx)sort-test.out: $(objpfx)collate-test $(objpfx)xfrm-test \
>>                        $(test-input-data) $(addprefix $(objpfx),$(CTYPE_FILES))
>>         $(SHELL) $< $(common-objpfx) '$(test-program-prefix-before-env)' \
>>           '$(run-program-env)' '$(test-program-prefix-after-env)' \
>>           $(test-input) \
>>           > $@; \
>>         $(evaluate-test)
>> However, there is no $(CTYPE_FILES) dependency for those tests
>> above, which fail at random under heavy load with parallel build.
> I opened:

Thanks. I expected this might be the case. We'd seen other issues with
high-level parallelism failing.


Given that you're the only other person I know who runs the glibc testsuite
at high levels of parallelism, was there anything else you saw in your testing
that fell over? I know you mentioned locales once. I know some of the tests
don't parallelize well, but that's not a  failure per se.


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