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Re: Misaligned stack on 32-bit s390?


i have built glibc from scratch with the patch and get the following error while compiling rtld.c:
/tmp/cc3Ata9V.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/cc3Ata9V.s:111: Error: symbol `.L3' is already defined
/tmp/cc3Ata9V.s:124: Error: symbol `.L4' is already defined

The compiler generated these labels in function _dl_initial_error_catch_tsd in order to get the address of the variable data via literal pool and got. A compiler with --with-arch=z9-109 uses larl-instruction to get the address and does not generate these labels.

Using numbered labels in the inline-assembly in macro RTLD_START (see patch) avoids the label collision and the glibc build succeeds
There is no test-suite regression and the stack is adjusted.
The inline-assembly in s390-64/dl-machine.h does not use any label,
thus there we need no change.


2014-11-12  Stefan Liebler  <>

	* sysdeps/s390/s390-32/dl-machine.h (RTLD_START):
	Use numbered labels in inline assembly.

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