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Re: conformtest: clean up POSIX expectations for sys/mman.h, sys/stat.h, sys/types.hg

On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 06:44:05PM +0000, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> No.  POSIX.1:1995/6 does not have the header definition manpages from the 
> Single Unix sequence of documents that were used as a basis for 2001 and 
> later editions of POSIX, and those often include things that weren't in 
> earlier versions of POSIX - not always XSI-conditional.  (In particular, 
> cases where a function prototype uses a type have typically moved towards 
> POSIX requiring that type to be defined in the header using it, rather 
> than allowing the function to be declared with an implementation-namespace 
> version __*_t without *_t itself being defined.  Other cases, such as 
> where there was a permission for a header to include several other 
> complete headers because of a few types used from those headers, have more 
> often remained XSI-conditional.)
> * These types are not listed in Annex C (not normative and not always to 
> be trusted, but a good starting point for indications of what goes in each 
> header before going through relevant normative content in more detail).
> * The sys/mman.h header definition (section 12) lists various functions 
> and constants but does not say anything about types being defined in this 
> header (they are of course permitted, as part of the general permission to 
> define *_t types in all POSIX headers).
> > >  type suseconds_t
> > >  # endif
> > > +# ifndef POSIX
> > >  type time_t
> > 
> > The Susv1 has time_t in sys/types.h.
> Table 2-1 in POSIX.1:1995/6, listing sys/types.h contents, does not.

Thanks, that explains the difference I am seeing.  I think your
explanation ought to be sufficient validation for this patch, but if
you think this needs further review then please wait for someone else
to do that since without the document, I cannot add anything to this
beyond positive testing on the same architectures that you have
already tested, i.e. x86.


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