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Re: Propose to Use madvise API on Runtime Loader

On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 12:39:18PM +0800, lin zuojian wrote:
> Hi Rich,
> > I'm aware of this, but is it dropped or not? First you claimed the
> > resident memory drops from the madvise call, but then you claimed it
> > doesn't drop from the page cache. I think you need to explain this
> > more clearly if there's going to be a discussion of the merits of your
> > proposal.
> > 
>     It really drops the page tables, which alwarys belong to a process
>     , not cache or other kernel usage.That would save some pages.
>     But it does not drop from the page cache.

They are the same physical pages, so I don't see how you can drop one
without dropping the other.

>     And the accoutable memory, e.g. RSS, of a process drops.
>     The page reclaiming process will reclaim these pages earlier.
>     Because it access eariler.

RSS is not "accountable memory". It's largely meaningless, because it
includes memory that can be dropped at any time (without a need to
save it to swap). Defining a process's memory usage in a meaningful
way is difficult, but dirty pages, commit charge, and total RW mapping
sizes are more likely to be useful metrics than RSS is.


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