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Re: [RFC][PATCH v2] Add reallocarray function.

RÃdiger Sonderfeld wrote:

What happens if the 2nd arg is zero in a call to `xnrealloc'?

Undefined behavior.  Agreed, this isn't suitable for reallocarray.

How can `xnrealloc' guarantee that the result will be non-NULL?

It tests realloc's result and calls a _Noreturn function if it's null. Again, this is fine for Gnulib but not suitable for reallocarray -- we'd keep this part in the Gnulib wrapper.

Is there active work done on those overflow checks in GCC?

The last message I know on the topic was last month. Sort of active, I guess. <> Perhaps someone should ping the GCC list.

While we're on the subject, there was a proposal last October to add saturated arithmetic to glibc internals; see, e.g., <>. Presumably this arithmetic could use these builtins too.

this might be something gnulib could provide (if it hasn't something like that already).

gnulib has several things like that already, which could be tuned to use __builtin_umul_overflow if available:

* intprops.h's INT_MULTIPLY_OVERFLOW (A, B) returns true if multiplying the integers A and B would overflow. It works for any combination of integer types, so in this sense it's handier than __builtin_umul_overflow.

* xsize.h's xtimes uses saturated arithmetic to multiply size_t values, and needs to check for overflow.

* xalloc-oversized.h's xalloc_oversized checks for overflow in size_t multiplication, with the special case that SIZE_MAX represents a previously-overflowed computation (e.g., from xtimes).

Perhaps we could add an MUL_OVERFLOW (A, B, PRESULT) macro to intprops.h (that uses __builtin_umul_overflow/__builtin_ulmul_overflow/etc.) if available) so that applications could use the builtins more directly if they prefer. It's not clear how useful that would be, though.

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