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Re: make nptl no longer an add-on?

> * Checking for identical disassembly of installed libraries is important 
> (though there may well be cases with paths in assertions and similar that 
> mean you can't get identical disassembly).

Agreed.  I intend to ask machine maintainers' testing and approval for
machines I cannot easily test myself.

> So, you need to check #include paths carefully in all moved files, *and* 
> check for #includes in other files that might include a file that's moved 
> but depend on the exact path to that file.


> Once you no longer have the separate sysdeps tree in nptl, I think 
> anything needing a particular sysdeps file can just include 
> <sysdeps/whatever> without needing any "../" to force the file to be found 
> from a particular sysdeps tree.


> There are plenty of cases where linux/CPU/nptl/vfork.S does some #defines 
> then includes linux/CPU/vfork.S, for example.

I'll discover all these kinds of cases along the way and do the right thing.

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