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Re: nptl refactoring; nacl port


On Thu,  8 May 2014 11:12:40 -0700 (PDT), Roland McGrath <> wrote:
> As part of my ongoing work on the NaCl port (NaCl == Google Native Client),
> I'm now embarking on porting pthreads (i.e. nptl/).  This will be the first
> time the NPTL code gets used in a non-Linux port.

Isn't the Debian/kFreeBSD FBTL based on NPTL?

    $ svn cat svn:// | head -n 5
    fbtl - based on nptl
    original dir is pruned snapshot
    of nptl (and nptl_db) in HEAD as of 20130621

> There are lots of
> Linuxoid assumptions scattered about the code, which I will be teasing
> apart.  There is also lots of code that doesn't really assume Linux, but
> just assumes that there is a futex facility.  As NPTL is fundamentally
> based on the futex facility, I don't think there will ever be an attempt to
> port it to a system without such a facility.  (NaCl has a futex facility
> and the Hurd's GNU Mach might grow one someday.)

Regarding the Hurd:
latest revision (v16) of futex patch for GNU Mach:

> There are a bunch of things under nptl/sysdeps/ that don't seem like [...]
> Does that sound reasonable?

It does to me.


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