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Re: [PATCH v2 1/4] Nios II port submission, elf subdir

The elf.h patch is OK.  (It doesn't need to wait for the rest of the port 
to go in; elf.h can include definitions for architectures not supported by 

I think the rest of the port will need to wait for the relevant 
kernel/userspace ABI issues to be resolved so we can have some confidence 
the port isn't incompatible with whatever kernel support ends up upstream.  
That's at least the time_t issue (then you may need changes to the 
sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/generic code to handle 32-bit architectures with 
64-bit time_t - at least, code there involving time_t will need reviewing 
for whether it's correct for whatever the ABI ends up being).  If the 
kernel port is also expected to be based on a kernel version with the 
renameat2 changes, so that it only has renameat2 and not renameat as a 
syscall, then you'll need implementations of the rename and renameat 
functions in terms of the renameat2 syscall, for this and all future 
architectures.  (I don't think the requested ptrace changes should affect 
glibc, only gdbserver.)

Joseph S. Myers

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