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FW: [PATCH 1/2] ARM: Improve fenv implementation

Hi Marcus,

Since this has been approved by Joseph, could you check this in?


2014-05-08  Wilco  <>

	* sysdeps/arm/fclrexcpt.c: Cleanup.
	* sysdeps/arm/fedisblxcpt.c: Cleanup.
	* sysdeps/arm/feenablxcpt.c: Cleanup.
	* sysdeps/arm/fegetenv.c: Cleanup.
	* sysdeps/arm/fegetexcept.c: Cleanup.
	* sysdeps/arm/fegetround.c: Cleanup.
	* sysdeps/arm/feholdexcpt.c: Cleanup.
	* sysdeps/arm/fesetenv.c: Cleanup.
	* sysdeps/arm/fesetround.c: Cleanup.
	* sysdeps/arm/feupdateenv.c: Cleanup.
	* sysdeps/arm/fgetexcptflg.c: Cleanup.
	* sysdeps/arm/fraiseexcpt.c: Cleanup.
	* sysdeps/arm/fsetexcptflg.c: Cleanup.
	* sysdeps/arm/ftestexcept.c: Cleanup.
	* sysdeps/arm/get-rounding-mode.h: Cleanup.
	* sysdeps/arm/setfpucw.c: Cleanup.

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From: Wilco [] 
Sent: 25 April 2014 11:50
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Subject: [PATCH 1/2] ARM: Improve fenv implementation


This is a series of patches which improves the fenv implementation to make it more similar to the
inline functions in fenv_private.h.

The first patch is a cleanup with no functional changes. It uses fpu_control_t consistently with
meaningful variable names, fixes some coding style mistakes, improves comments and avoids
unnecessary indentation due to the ARM_HAVE_VFP check.


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