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Re: [PATCH 1/2] Single thread optimization for malloc atomics

On Wed, 2014-04-30 at 10:57 -0300, Adhemerval Zanella wrote:
> This patch adds a single-thread optimization for malloc atomic usage to
> first check if process is single-thread (ST) and if so use normal
> load/store instead of atomic instructions.
> It is a respin of my initial attempt to add ST optimization on PowerPC.
> Now malloc optimization is arch-agnostic and rely in already defined macros

I'm not convinced that this is a good change.  First, I'd like to see
some performance numbers that show whether the change leads to a
non-negligible increase in performance.  That should be a
microbenchmark, so we can track it over time.

malloc is currently marked as Async-Signal-Unsafe, but due to locks
elsewhere in the implementation.  The MTSafety docs even talk about what
would be needed to make it AS-Safe.  Your patch would prevent making it
AS-Safe.  The catomic_add that you replace are AS-Safe, the sequential
code you add is not.  Someone added those catomic_* and not sequential
code, so this is at least indication that there's a disconnect here.

You also add macros with nondescriptive names, that each have exactly
one use.  There's no documentation for how they differ, and you don't
update the comments on the MT-Safe docs.

> x86 probably would kike an atomic.h refactor
> to avoid the double check for '__local_multiple_threads', but that is not
> the aim of this patch.

But your patch does introduce this, so you should take care of this as
well.  I guess you wouldn't be happy if someone change x86 without
caring about Power?

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