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Re: [PING^2] RFC [PATCH] BZ#1077902: New API gettimezone

> On Thursday, 1 May 2014 12:00 AM, Paul Eggert wrote:
> One way to work around the problem is to arrange for chrooted jail to 
> have identical tz files as the main host.  That is necessary anyway, if 
> you want gmtime->localtime mappings to match no matter how applications 
> set TZ.  This sort of thing is standard practice for chrooted jails: one 
> must set up configuration files, shared libraries, etc. to be the same 
> in the jail as in the main host, and the tz files are just another part 
> of this.

  I did try to do this multiple times, somehow it does not work. Examples I came across, couple of which are listed on the wiki page, do not seem to do this. Instead, they depend on the TZ variable for the time zone definition. I'm sure there would be other programs too. Thirdly, it's an added task to ensure that the files inside chroot(2) jail are in sync with the ones on the host. And it is an easy one to be missed. That's why it is not the best solution IMO.


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