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Re: libc locale spec?

On 08/10/2013 03:31 PM, Chris Leonard wrote:
> Is there a current, complete and definitive specification of the
> fields that are required (and/or optional) in a glibc locale file?

There is no such document, but if you want to create a wiki page
for it I would be ecstatic. That is to say that we would call the
wiki document canonical (or perhaps decide we want a `docs' directory
in git like the kernel has and put all of our canonical design
documents there).

> I ask because I see a number of fields that are collected
> inconsistently across existing locales, such as
> yestr
> nostr
> These appear deprecated [1], but they are still present in many
> locales, should they be removed from those locales?
Wouldn't it impact compatibility to remove them?

They are still used by programs and I think we should support
them completely and fill out the information correctly. That
is orthogonal from the point of view of deprecation of the entries
which will happen at some point in the future based on some plan
to phase them out.


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